June 14th, 2008


polar HRM and silly meme

I'm happy. Today, I got my watches back from Polar. I sent them off for 2 battery replacements and to replace a missing button. I got my watches back with new batteries, and the button replaced. I think they also changed the watch bands and they even replaced the screen on one of them (that had a scratch I didn't mind). They credited one of them as being under warranty (which I don't remember even filling out that form). So, for all that, it was only about $35 total with shipping and taxes. (I was expecting the bazillions for 2 battery replacements and a million dollar charge for the button). I'm happy. Polar rox.

Silly Meme:


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

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Oh, yes. I am a pathetic housewife. Not having (or wanting) kids probably lost me a few points.