June 11th, 2008



Went to Miran for dinner tonight with the Terra Mar/Meetup group. It was a Korean place with tables with grills. I had the Pork Kogee? Man, now I can't remember what it was. Some seasoned pork dish that gets grilled. It was spicy (as said on the menu), but not unbearable. The Kimchee may be growing on me, as I didn't get completely repulsed by it this time (I eat it over and over again when I have the chance, but I don't like the stuff). The tofu skins were tasty. Lots of people got the bulgogi. I don't think anyone particularly didn't like their dish. Mmm.. We got some bottles of wine (the liqour store was just across the street). I came home a bit tipsy. But was fun.

OK.. I should drink water beverage and maybe some tyelenol before bed.