June 10th, 2008


heet and skool

It is 12:30 am. Well, about then. I have a test tomorrow, and I have barely studied for it. I am teh-sux0r. I've completed 18 of 41 questions of one chapter and 16 of 50 for the other chapter. I'm an idiot. I should at least force myself to bed at 1am. Ok, 15 minutes late, but I got the first chapter's 41 questions done. Still need to study, of course. The heat is killing me. Even work was hot today (well not cool enough). The train will be nicer than biking tomorrow morning. Not much else I can think of. Days keep on going by. This semester is almost over, and it seems like it only just began. I think we're at the halfway point. Happily, no more classes after this one!