June 5th, 2008


money money money

I'm sad. I got my IRS thingie in the mail today. Apparently I screwed up on my taxes and still owe almost $400. Not quite as nice as getting a $600 check, but also not nearly as bad as if I hadn't. It was sad. I was wondering how to spend it until I brought it upstairs. Oh well. I'll survive.

Seems like every weekend is going to be busy. It's nice, but having downtime is nice, too. It also reminds me a bit about how much I'd hate giving up EVERY weekend for a whole year. So, reaffirming my desire not to do the STARS program at Harcum, even if it would only be a year long. Even giving up many Saturdays would be painful.

I've been feeling busy and tired a lot. Such is life. I'll get a nice night's sleep or a good nap sooner or later. As for now, I should probably just get ready for bed.