May 27th, 2008



Doing laundry. It is extremely exciting. Heck, I can even discuss how tired I feel. Sometimes life seems relatively uneventful.

The weekend was nice. Sunday was the Kill Grill. Monday was the pickanicka at my brother's. I got the pink teddy bear done for Savanah, but didn't get the doggie done for Jr yet. It'll be done by the next time I see them, though.

I took a test today in A&P. I wonder how I fared. Of 46 questions, I wasn't positive of maybe 8. Of those, I'm positive I got one wrong. We'll see about the rest. Overall, I think I did okay. I have no idea how this prof grades, though. I was noticing that A&P II seems harder than A&P I since, well, the people that couldn't pass I aren't in II. I guess that ups the stakes. I really want to do well, but the students in this class are all capable of it.

Still fundraising. Really could use some donations, btw.
Please help fight Multiple Sclerosis. Donations go towards research, local and national help for people with MS:
The MS City to Shore Bike Tour
MS Pennsylvania Dutch Tour