May 21st, 2008


strange journeys

I feel exhausted. I should go to bed and it's not even 11pm! I think I need to drink more water. Ok. I just drank ~1.8 lbs of water (well, that's how much the new scale changed after I drank 3 glasses). Now my tummy feels like it's going to explodie! The new scale is still fun. I weigh myself on both scales now each time. Sometimes I feel like a dork. Sometimes I prove it.

I want to get a copy of my transcripts with my Spring grade to Drexel. It would have been easier to bike there, but I left my bike at work, so I'll try to do it during lunch or something.

Weird, I can't think of other stuff to talk about. Friday, I may embark on a strange journey of watching Babylon 5 - potentially from Beginning to End. I wonder how that will work out.