May 18th, 2008


beer and wine

It's been a month and a day. I started the Shiraz April 17th. I bottled it today, May 18th. Bottling is funny and messy. Corking is funny, too. The corks don't seem to go alll the way into the bottle. They stick like 1/4 inch out. I hope that's not a bad thing. It tastes mostly like wine! Still sediment (even though I used a filter), but that could just be the sediment in the glass I poured myself from the way bottom of the bottling bucket. It says I should wait a whole month before drinking it, and if I wait 3 months, it's even better! Le sigh. In a month, I'll grab the bag container thing and stick it by my desk to ensure I drink my full serving of alkyhol/day!

I jogged like 35 minutes at the gym today. I overslept, so didn't do my morning ride like I wanted. I also didn't get on the trainer afterwards, either. I really wanted to practice hill climbing. The MS ride is going to be very challenging, even with training. I still have to clean up the rest of the wine stuff. And I have a beer to drinky, too. Silly alkyhol!