May 14th, 2008


sleepy hump days

I'm still trying to track calories, etc on FitDay and SparkPeople. Calories vary a bit, up to 200 calories between them. Even for exercise. I've been exhausted alllll day. Felt like sleeping.. I think I'lll get to bed early. Tomorrow will be a crazy long day. Getting home at 11pm is super late. But, only a few weeks. I can survive. It's crazy to think that's what it will be like for nursing school if I go to Harcum while working. One night of classes, two of clinical. Not sure what else to write. I guess I'll take a shower, drink fake t and a cup of wine, and get to bed.


I want to go skydiving again. On May 31st, a group of people are planning on going skydiving where I can do my very own jump (without a monkey on my back!) It would entail 6ish hours of training, and then I get to jump. Not much freefall (but, really, I don't think I like the freefall all that much). The tandem jump was fun, and I'm glad I did that first, but I think being able to do the floaty stuff by myself would be great (and that's the part I really liked). Sadly, I'll either miss or be late for a birthday dinner. But, maybe there will be birthday drinking afterwards.

I also have more plans for my birthday weekend of bikeriding doom. The MS Pennsylvania Dutch Bike Tour will be the weekend before my birthday (July 22). So, my plans are currently to ride the first half, eat tasty buffet (very highly recommended) and then sleep in a cozy hotel with a jaccuzi and boyfrand, then ride the return trip without dying. This bike tour will be significantly harder than the City to Shore, since this one is chock full of hills. I think I'm going to start some training rides very soon.

I'm still taking donations or new group members: