May 11th, 2008


fitness and school

Decided I'd try one of those online fitness sites. I could/should still probably go back to FitDay. I think it had more info. But, here's my new site, sparkpeople

My Fit Day is still here:

Today, assuming I don't eat anything else, I somehow managed to get both the Fit Day and SparkPeople calories to be almost exact. I wonder how often that will happen (as they weren't the same before dinner).

Tomorrow is my first day of my summer class. It's going to rain. All day. It'll be raining from when I venture out to class to when I get home. It'll be kinda chilly, too (in the 40s). I need to 'plan' my first day of school outfit (heh). I'm thinking full bike pants, plus waterproof pants, keen sandals (any shoes would get drenched). Not sure what the best bet for keeping my backpack stuff dry is. The cover for it hasn't been working so well. The 40s are nice, as I can bundle up a bit to stay dry.