May 10th, 2008



I got two credit cards today. Discovercard and Mastercard. Very exciting stuff. I decided I'll just leave the mastercard at home for online purchases. That way, if I lose my wallet again, I'll still have a card. Why is that important? I have no clue.

Went to Sci Fri Friday. It was fun. Watched Dr.Who and Battlestar Galactica. And a silly Dr.Who spinoff first. I still hate commercials. I learned that some wines offer small, single-serving bottles. So, I got a four-pack - and drank 3 of them. I drank one, felt tipsy, sobered up, repeat.. repeat..

Now, I'm off to bed.

nothing much to say

I've been updating a lot lately. I guess I've been bored? Well, I probably won't be, starting next week when I take A&P. Seven weeks, 3 nights/week (4,4 and 2 hours) - plus study time. Not sure if my weekends will be busier, though.

I racked my mead into a milk jug. It still has a pretty high Brix reading (reading 14.2 or so). Not sure how long it will take the yeasties to finish eating up the sugar. But, I think I got rid of the flower petals.

My wine bottles are washed and had their labels removed. Very exciting. Took a while, but I won't have to do it for a while.

I still want a motorcycle. Still requires a move. Will wait to see where I get in to Nursing school (if anywhere). Sadly, won't be applying to two programs until July.