May 8th, 2008


homing wallets

My wallet came home today. I got a call earlier from Discover saying that Whole Foods had my wallet, and gave me their number. I called Whole Foods, and the woman said they found my wallet, but the only thing in it was my insurance card, some money, and a check. I was confused, because I couldn't figure out why Discover would have gotten that information from Aetna. So, I went to Whole Foods, and retrieved my wallet! It had everything in it (all cards, id, etc). I'm not sure what crack the woman on the phone was smoking, but I had an all inclusive wallet. The thing that confuses me now is why it took until Thursday to get found, if I lost it on Saturday night. I've already canceled my cards, and had my new driver's license thing notorized (didn't send it in, yet. I've returned homing wallet to her leash.