May 4th, 2008


icky icky

I can't find my wallet. It's annoying. I don't see any 'activity' on it, but it's nowhere to be seen. I'm dreading getting all new credit cards, especially the one I use most often since it ends in 666.. It's a silly reason not to call to have them canceled. But, if nobody has used it, it could still just be lost, right? I mean, my place can be quite messy, and things can hide themselves anywhere. The wallet could show up tomorrow in my mailbox or in front of the door (if it was found on the property and delivered to the office). I had it at the supermarket. Paid, drove home, brought groceries in, slept, can't find it today. I could easily have just laid it down somewhere, too. I'm trying to clean up a bit, but I suck at that, too.

I guess I'll call tomorrow after I get home if I can't find it by then. Tomorrow would be enough time for it to have been dropped off in the building, not enough time by mail, though. A new license will be annoying, but at least this one will have my M (motorcycle) class on it. Hmm, I need a new Aetna card, too..

Otherwise, mildly productive day. Baked bread, planted plants, tried to clean the stove (got some work done on it, but I think the rest may be impossible). I guess I'll do laundry, and try to put away all of my clothes.. My wallet could be hiding in some of it!