May 3rd, 2008



I decided to wait on the phone. I tried an iPhone at the Cingular shop. It wasn't as bad as I expected (typing using the touch stuff. Definitely had some problems, but i could probably get used to it. I want a phone with GPS and Wi-fi (my new thing). So, I'll wait for it. The new iPhone should do that, and who knows what other phones will come out by then (it's a whole 2 months away!)

Today I just got new brakes on my bike, and wandered around looking at phones. I even saw a tMobile shop, and think their plans are cheaper. I just don't know much about their coverage. I'm sleepy now. Funny how doing so little can be so exhausting. Weekends are nice to sleep in.

I wonder how long before I hear back from Drexel. West Chester University has a 18month BSN program. But, 18 months is a long time.