May 2nd, 2008


Donations Requested

I'm in Team CHOP. I'm doing both the City to Shore and the Pennsylvania Dutch tour, which is raising money for Multiple Sclerosis. The NMSS on a national level helps fund some reasearch to fight the disease. There are also 'chapters' in the local areas that do fund-raising, and they help provide care for people in their homes, including carers and weelchairs.. Both Bike tours have a $250 minimum requirement, but I wanted to try for more for the City to Shore. So, please feel free to donate!

Pennsylvania Dutch Tour: ($250 min)

City To Shore: ($1000 Goal)

I really suck at fund raising, though I managed to get the $1000 at least twice for the City to Shore. Does anyone have any suggestions for stuff I could do as a fund raiser?