April 29th, 2008



Yay! I finsihed my Developmental Psychology class. I got 100% on all of the assigments I turned in (5 writing, 5 forum), and I got 100% on the first exam (it must have been a fluke, as I figured i did equally well and got a 78/82/82 on the following exams). But, the way the class is calculated, I believe I have a 94.2 average! So, I gets an A.. So, since I started taking classes.. I got As in 2 classes I took before (A&P I and Micro), A in Ethics, and a B in nutrition (I blame the vacation), and this A. So, only 17 credits - not quit enough to make the old GPA look better, but it's something. And, I don't think I have any concrete plans to take any more classes for a while. I'll start working on my application to Harcum in the coming days. I still need CPR certification, new transcripts, another recommendation letter and I may need to take some silly test (may not since I have a BA tho).

I can't think of 'other things'.. My mead-in-progress hasn't exploded yet, tho it is definitely bubbly. I have one more day of volunteer service stuff. I don't know what I'll do next. I think I need a break for a little while at least. I want to get back to the gym more often, and try to get back into swimming.

I'm very tired, but not sleeping yet. Soon.. Soon.. I think I'm just excited the semester is over!

mead and German speaking group

I'm still happy my class is over. I'm dead tired, though.

After work today, I went to Power Yoga (it wasn't as bad as some I've been to). Following Yoga, I went to a German speaking meetup group. It just moved locations and is now essentially on my way home. Starting at 7:30, I can make it almost every day (since I rarely leave work after 6:30). I suck at German, and am horribly shy, so I didn't talk much. I was trying to focus on listening. It was difficult at times, since there were conversations all over the place. The location was nice, with a cozy (and large) outdoor deck. So, it started off with me joining 2 guys, and ended up with about 15 or so people.

I'm going to try to make Dandelion bread with the petals I just removed from the mead-in-progress. Aaron says I should have let it steep longer, but I just wanted it to get on with it (which is silly, as it will be months before I bottle the stuff). I'm impatient.