April 27th, 2008


wine and volunteer

I've done 45 volunteer hours out of a needed 52 (13 weeks).  I have only two more to go to complete the first part of the program.  I'm not sure I feel like doing the second part, though.  It would be another 13 weeks of volunteer stuff, albeit, I can change hospital locations.  Is it 'wrong' not to want to continue?  I think volunteer work is important, but I've been pretty bored in the section that I've done.   Maybe I could just crochet hats and  prayer shawls for cancer patients?

I am thinking of making Dandelion Wine.  It is made in 1 gallon batches, and it takes like a year before it's good to drink.  May be fun to try, though.  I wonder where to gather all the petals (the recipe calls for 2 quarts of flower petals per gallon (that's nearly a bazillion flowers).  I'll still need to buy some yeasties and stuff.  My own wine is going to sit in the carboy forever, then I can add the sulphites, and bottle (and someday even drink!)  I need more bottles...

dandelion mead

So, I'm working on the Dandelion Mead.

I got about a gallon of hot water, and added about 2-2.5 lbs of honey (wildflower) and a half cup of sugar. Then I boiled that for about 10 minutes. I added it to a little shy of 2 quarts of dandelion flower petals (took FOREVER to pick, and my fingernails got dirty and yellow). I let it sit hot for a few hours, and now I'm bored, so I have it sitting in an ice bath. I also checked the brix. It started at 17.0, so I figured I wanted more alcyhol, so I added about 2 cups of sugar to bring the brix up to 24.0 or so (1.101 SG). I don't think it'll be much alcyhol (maybe 13%). Once the temperature drops, I'm going to add about 1/3 of a pack of some Ale yeast (1 pack is for 5 gallons of beer). I'm somewhat concerned, since the container it is in doesn't have much headroom, so I'll probably keep it sitting in a container to keep it from making a big mess when it bubbles over. I won't put in an airlock, either, because, it's wild.. I'm going to be afraid to taste it, though.. Hmm, now that I think about it.. Lemme squeeze an orange or two into it.