April 22nd, 2008

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Sunday, I did the girls with gears bike ride in Limerick, PA. I only rode the 25 mile trip, since I haven't been riding much this year, so didn't want to push myself too much (or possibly not be able to finish). I did the 25 miles, so I'm happy. I actually felt pretty good afterwards. I came home and promptly took a nap.

I've got 2 more days of volunteering to do before my 13 weeks are up. Not sure what I'll do after. I could sign up for another 13 week program, but the 'shifts' all start at 4pm, (unless I do an 8-midnite ER shift or a weekend). I'm not sure if I'm up to dedicating myself to any of those time slots righ tnow.. so I'll probably take a break..

My Developmental Psychology class is ending in a week! I have one more assignment to turn in (I did the 'work' for it, now I just have to write it) and one test. Thus far, I have all 100s except for 4 points of the final grade. All of my graded written assignments have been 100 (so, I'm expecting the same from the last 2), and that will mean I can get a 40 on the final and still get an A in the class. (giggle) It's been fun, but I think psychology is too 'easy' for me, so I don't really care much about it. It'll be over soon!

I am annoyed by these primaries. Since I'm registered independent, I pay taxes towards the primaries, but have no say. So, I gave the volunteers an earful. In other news, I was looking at Gravel's wiki page, and really think I like almost everything he supports. When I think about the upcoming election, I sometimes think I need to vote for the lesser of the evils, but really, that goes agasint the point of a democracy where you vote for the person you want to vote for. I'm not wasting any more of my votes again.

pro-immigration (allowing for a reasonable naturalization process of the immigrants here)
anti-IRS (self explainatory, he'd use sales tax instead)
pro National Science Foundation
pro peace in the middle east (including the other half of the Palestinians in the discussion)
anti-nukes (get rid of nukes - we don't need so damn many)
pro-guns (2nd ammendment)- with registration and mandatory training
anti "don't ask, don't tell", add LGB to the hate crimes list

Plus, I get a kick out of his You Tube videos:
power to the people vs give peace a chance

Helter Skelter X