April 17th, 2008


wine wine wine

Ok.. Making wine. (a Shiraz, from Vintners reserve, winexpert)
Specific Gravity: 1.075-1.076 (brix said 18.2-18.5)
I added the yeasties when the temp was about 86'f
It is sitting in my bathroom tub, full of water (about 65'f)
Wine should ferment at 65-75, so I'll just leave it in the tub overnight (to equalize the temperature).
Goofs: I forgot to add the oak and then stir it, so I stirred the yeast after I added the oak (says not to stir yeasties, dunno why).
Fermentation should happen in 24-48 hours!

after 5-7 days, I get to sample the must (Juicy wine).. it should be 1.010 or less (brix reads 2.6)
Then, I get to xfer the wine into my caroby. If the specific gravity changes correctly, i'll have 10.23% alcohol by volume (if it gets all the way down to 0.998). Maybe I did something wrong and it's not going to be alcoholic enough! Oh noes!

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