March 30th, 2008

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crochet and throats

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Soon, soon. Not sure what will happen with it, though.

I'm still working on an apparantly huge dog for my nephew. I picked up some yarn for some various future projects. My throat hurts again today. Not bad, but still enough to worry the hell out of me. maskm's mom came down yesterday (and left today) for a visit with a friend of hers. We went out for dinner last night, watched some of the Godfather on TV, and then dropped her at the hotel last night. Today we had lunch, and that was about it. I'm not sure when our next trip to CT will be, but I'll assume it'll be in the distant future - probably around thanksgiving/xmas again.

Maybe I should take a nap. I really can't deal with being sick again. I also need some more usericons. One of these days, maybe, I'll get to that.