March 27th, 2008

bright, bored

Philly Film Festival

Ben & Jerry's ice cream is still tasty. I just had a nummy pint for dinner. Damn, I forgot to get some wine from the liquor store. Tasty Phish Food.

The Philadelphia Film Festival is coming up (in 2 weeks). I was having a hard time picking out the movies I wanted to see, so I got a badge instead. I really wanted a badge. I've wanted ones for years. I'm sure I won't see enough movies to make it "worthwhile" though. I got about 13 tickets for maskm, though. I had 18 movies picked out, now I have an excuse or justification to see more. I was gunna paste my list of movies, but for some reason, the page isn't loading right. I also wanna keep a Film Festival Diary. Not sure why. Maybe just so I can keep track of what the hell I've seen.

Apparantly some guy got murdered while waiting for the El yesterday. During rush hour. A zillion people stood by doing nothing to help the guy.

Not much else I can think of to say. I'm sleepy. I blame the ice cream.
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