March 26th, 2008


knitting presidents

Knitting isn't as easy as it looks. I got the book.. I put 2 thingies on my stick. I tried to do another row.. Ended up with 21 loops. Next row, I had 22.. Now (3rd row) I has 24. It's multiplying!!! Oh Noes! I think I must avoid teh knitty until I finish teh crochet doggy for my brother's son. I just finished the bear for his daughter. I had to make a face. It looks prett bad, really. I hope it doesn't scare her. And now.. for teh-doggie.

Hmm.. In other (uneventful) news. I think I've found a new guy to vote for: Mike Gravel
I have no idea what he's about, but:
He just joined the Liberetarian Party

And he was #1 pick in my old meme: