March 23rd, 2008


not much to say

I'm sad.. I bought a knitting "kit" at the bookstore. It had a ball of yarn, a crochet hook, a pair of knitty needles, and a book of patterns. But, the book didn't have any instructions for beginners. If I already knew how to crochet/knit, why the hell would i need to buy a kit that included yarn and a hook/needles? So, now I've gotta go find a 'learn how to knit' online source. I need a 'crochet/knitting clothes for boys' book. Since I've got like 3 nephews. I also need to finish making a toy for my brother's son, so I can give each of his kids something (the bear is done, just unfinished).

I didn't go gaming today. Le sigh. Mostly my own fault, though. Still kinda sad. Even sadder than I spent 4 hours on septa today. But, I did get to the Yoga and Tea.

I treated myself to Japanese food (Fuji Mountain in Bryn Mawr) and the above book to console myself. The food was good, not spectacular (well I liked everything, but the beef was somewhat less than impressive). Got an eel roll, an eggy sashimi (I like that stuff, it was ok), and the beef teriaki, rare. The seaweed salad was really yummy. The miso soup was fine. The rice was sticky. The roll and sashimi were fine, served pretty quick. The eggy was colder than I'd like (I like sushi stuff to be all room temp, not cool). The beefy was just, well, I dunno, the teriaki sauce didn't do much for me, I guess. The beef was fine, I mean, no problems, just not super. I had some green tea, and finished off with a dish of fried banana and green tea ice cream. I think the fried banana needed a little sauce of it's own (other than the ice cream). The ice cream was really tasty, though.
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