March 21st, 2008

bright, bored

sleepy yoga t

I feel like I had stuff to say earlier, but dunno what. My sore throat is almost better! It's reduced to tender! Tomorrow, I have "Yoga and Tea".. and I almost had a fit thinking the El was going to be shut down this weekend (but it's not till next weekend). I can get to my Yoga and Tea! I should make a yoga mat bag. I'm thinking out of a pair of pant legs..

Ok.. The thingie worked out ok. Not great, probably could use some 'help', but I have a yoga mat bag. I should get to sleep, and then I can wake up, do yoga and t, then GAMING (yes, I am prolly gunna rpg after yoga and tea). Have I crossed all oddball cultures, yet?

Am I sleeping, yet? G'nite