March 14th, 2008

fort, accomplished

the crazy LJ

Wow, crazyness.. I think I just downloaded my LJ. It took about a minute or two.

After reading this page

I used this program

Had to reset/change my encoding to my entries to use it (had to find where):

And now, I has downloaded 1321 entries and 1406 comments. According to LJ, I have 1323 entries, and I'm just not sure why it shows a random entry from August 2008 on the page. But, who cares.. My old history stuff is MINE!! So, nomatter what LJ does, I still has it. My life didn't go away! Granted, a while ago, I turned my whole LJ to "private" entries, but have posted lots of public ones since.

anyone know anyone old?

I have to do a "Real Age vs Chronological Age Interview". Basically, I ask someone a bunch of questions (from a website, I believe), plug in their results, and it'll pop out a "real age" or something, which may or not be comparable to their chronological age. I'm not sure of all the details yet, but it involves somehow. I really hope to get more details about it before the assignment is due (in Mid/Late April).

My assignment:
This assignment is based on the difference between Chronological Age (based on how many years one has lived) vs Real Age (based on how one lives.) You need to interview someone over the age of 65.Thereis a link provided in your timeline for a computerized interview withyour subject. You may use those questions directly or if that is notpossible, develop questions similar to those listed in the inventory.Include how the person would compare him/herself to others of their agegroup. Essentially, do they feel younger or older than theirchronological age, and why. Solicit specific informationfrom your subject regarding specifics of their life style, i.e.,exercise, diet, happiness in their lives, social support, etc., thatthey believe contributes to their younger or older "real age" vschronological age. Ask them if there is anything they might havechanged about their life, or advice they would give to others aboutachieving happiness in older age.

Include in your essay, your agreement or disagreement with the person's evaluation of her/his "real age" and support your statements."

So, my question to the world: anyone know of anyone over 65 that I could ask all these questions? I was thinking of asking someone when I volunteer at HUP, but then I figured maybe people weren't too interested in getting that close to their mortality. I could also try to ask my dad, but that may be weird.