March 9th, 2008



Okay, I applied to Jefferson and Drexel. Everything should be sent to Drexel, my GRE scores should be sent to Jefferson, and I have to wait for my CCP transcripts and my recomendation letters for Jefferson. Then, I can wait for the rejection letters! In which case, I'll apply to Harcum. CCPs transcripts are slow to be sent. I still haven't gotten them sent to me, and I had some sent to Drexel a bit later. Harcum may be my best bet, I guess. I'll get accepted there with no worries. For the 18 month program, I can even send only my CCP transcripts, since all of the prerequistes for the program I took there. For the 11 month program, I need a bachelor's already, so I'd have to send those, but seriously.. That program would require me to work every weekend (7-3, both Saturday and Sunday). I don't think I could do that, I'd die, so I'd rather take the 18 month program. Regardless, we'll see how the Jefferson and Drexel applications go.