February 8th, 2008



Getting sick after getting a wisdom tooth pulled isn't any fun. I swear, I spent days wondering how much was the cold/flue and how much was the toothy getting pulled. I even had some canker sores or something in my mouth. I never had them before. Since they were right near where the toothie was pulled, I assumed they were related. Happily, it's going away. I took today offa work because I woke up feeling icky and was still really congested. I have been sick since Sunday or Monday (Monday I started getting occasional cold sweats and stuff). I probably should have called out of work on Tuesday and Wednesday, so instead I prolly got everyone else a dose of my sicky germs. My nose is still stuffed up (Tuesday I even had a bloody nose). I think I'm feeling a bit better, though.. It's time for sleep.
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