February 4th, 2008



So, I had my wisdom tooth pulled on Thursday. Have 20 tyelenol -3's (of which I've used two for no real reason). A prescription for 5 days of penicillin (which I'm taking as well as I can take them). I have no pain from the tooth pull, some minor discomfort, and I've been taking regular ibuprofin (but don't think I really need it). I have also been icing it once in a while, but it's only slightly swollen. Day 3-4 of antibiotics (today), I am feeling a bit icky - my chest seems congested and well I'm making some stinky farts. My throat has bugged me off and on, I just assumed it was from the pull, but now I'm thinking it may have been a symptom of the congestion. I have been checking the hole where my tooth once was. I got a squirty bottle thing to remove the food particles that found their way in (like a pea, and a bit of chicken). But, now I see there's some inflamed area on my cheek, and possibly the back of my mouth, heading up the jaw? I really never looked so much inside my mouth - it's intriguing and gross. I'm kinda worried about the infection thing, dunno if it means I should ask for more antibiotics, or if it is something that will go away on its own. It's not the gaping hole, tho, so that's good - but it's next to it the way my cheek hits the gumline. I'm not really concerned. Worst case scenerio, I'm dying of flesh eating disease.