January 31st, 2008

rar2, rar

Cats and Teeth

CC has been helping me rip Aaron's CDs by sitting on the case and keeping them warm. Brak finds the kitty seat more appealing.

I had my last wisdom tooth taken out today. I am no longer wise. I'm surprised I was in the first place. I dont feel pain, but I've been eating lots of ibuprofin. It really seems to work on tooth pain for me. I have some penicillin and tyelenol-3 tho. I feel nauseous from (thinking I have been) swallowing blood all day long. And I get kinda queasy when I imagine my tooth being pulled out (the grindy sounds). I felt tired earlier, but doing better now. I know the swelling will just get worse over the next few days, though. A coworker said he was swollen for a year. I think I'd die. I did get panicky in the chair, and kept thinking "please just go out quickly". Then I got scared that the rest of my teeth would follow suit. The injection stuff can do funny stuff to my brain.