August 28th, 2007


Back from Portland (Vancouver)

The trip didn't exactly go as I planned, but I hope we all had some fun at least.

After work Thursday, went off to Portland to see Becki, Paul and Sons.  The next day, we drove up to Mt St Helen, but took a long route.  The views were great, the kids hate the car trips.  Most of the next week or 10 days is spent entertaining babies (5 and 21 mos).  Lots of dirty diapers and clothes, some crying and a ton of giggles and drool.  We went to parks, picked a huge quantity of Blackberries, and I tried a whole bunch of other wild berries (mostly icky sour red ones) that I couldn't identify.

The day after, went to the OMSI, and saw Body Worlds.  Was fun.

The next week, we drove to Seaside, OR.  We stayed two nights at apartments by the shore (one a block away, one with a balcony view of the Pacific Ocean).  I realize it had been a lot of years since I've been to OP.  We tried to get to Hang Gliding, but the icky clouds and drizzle showed up, so we went to Astoria instead (that's where Goonies was filmed). Didn't see the Goonies house, did eat Chinese food, and walk up a bunch of stairs (over 100 stairs I think) carrying up a small baby, and carrying down a big one.  I almost got dizzy from the walk.  Made me extremely nervous to do the spiral staircase (it only had handrails on one side, which makes it awkward to walk up the inside of the stairwell while carrying a baby).  Downstairs was a little better, just aggravating since I couldn't see my feetsies.  I'll have some pretty pictars to put up soon.

The babies are cute and sweet, not too cranky (without reason).  Papa's boys.

Now I'm at work, stinky.