July 8th, 2007

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Philadelphia Women's Triathlon

Okay.. Here are the results from my Philadelphia Women's Triathlon. I did better on the swim.. But, I dunno about the bike (I thought this was the same lenth as the other one, but it says my pace was better, time 1 minute longer). The run, I did a little more poorly, but I was feeling kinda exhausted.

Rank 551 (of 667)
Swim Rank 627
Swim Time 20:40
Tran Time 3:54
Bike Rank 213 ***top third!***
Bike Time 54:59
Bike Pace 18.6
Tran Time 1:59
Run Rank 632
Run Time 42:34
Run Pace 13:44
Totl Time 2:04:04
Age Rank 88/94

Met rosemarymint and took some pictars. More details later. Right now.. It's nap time!