June 23rd, 2007

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Philly Triathlon Results - 626/708

All done.. I lived.. I sucked.. But I lived!!
Athena rank 4/7
swim 00:33:57
rank 669
t1 00:05:14
bike 00:53:45
rank 312
speed 16.5
t2 00:02:48
run 00:37:44
rank 666
pace 00:12:10
sex rank 207
tot time 02:13:30
tot rank 626/708

Overall, transitions were slower than I was hoping for (but I wanted to get some suntan lotion on during t1)
Swim was worse than expected.. I guess all but the run was 'worse'. In the end, not too far off the 2:10 I was hoping for. But, there's still next time. The results *may* change slightly (depending on if people get disqualified), but I think it'll all be somewhat similar.