June 22nd, 2007

ride, helmet, ms2006, bike

12 hours..

I'm getting nervous. 12 hours and I'm going to be probably finished my first Triathlon. My swim is crappy, but I figure I won't lose more than 10 minutes on that, so maybe 30 minutes for the 900m. My bike is above average (I think), so I guess I'll stay with a reasonable pace. I'm expecting the 24k in about 50 minutes. My run is pathetic. I'll prolly do the 5k in like 45 minutes. For the transitions.. I'm thinking under 3minutes swim-bike.. and 2 for the second transition, so 5 minutes.. Total time (in my dreams).. 30+50+45+5 = 2h 10 mins... That pace for last year's sprint would place me here:433/490. I may be overestimating my abilities. Who knows.

Now.. shower, shave, sleep, wake, panic!