June 16th, 2007



I went skydiving =)

Some other pics are behind the cut. It was a lot of fun. I went with a group of people from Meetup.com
I got a video and some still pictures (about 50), both on CD (the stills are 2.5 megs or so, so I resized them to make them smaller. I wanna do it again. The wait after signing the papers before the jump was *long*. Like.. we got there at 10:50 or so, didn't jump till about 4pm. But, it was fun. Albeit scary, and I was just having a great time staring at the world below me. The jump seemed too short.. it was over sooo fast! I wanted to go again (Like in a roller coaster). We dropped from about 13,000 feet, and the chute opened at 5,000. So, about 1 min of freefall, and then the fun glide in. A bit expensive ($199 for the tandem jump plus $115 for the video and stills - each would have been $95, so both was more "economical").

I survived.. No death. No broken/sprained bits or pieces.. Was amazing.. I wanna go again! Now Now!

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