May 23rd, 2007

rar2, rar


I really dislike MySpace. Even after adblocking some video and audio crap, the point of it still eludes me. Am I supposed to just add stupid comments to my "friends" pages? or look at the titles in their latest update things? Dunno, I seem to login, and after a minute or two, I get spam friended requests from bots wanting me to have sex with their ipods.. OR I check my inbox and see a bunch of deleted user accounts (or read the spam so i can enlarge my penis size and stock options at the same time).. Who does use it, and why?
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rar2, rar


I'm excited. Have plans to go skydiving for the first time in June! I think I've wanted to jump out of a perfectly good plane for years.. Hmm.. Now that I'm actually thinking about it, I'm getting kind of scared. But, still.. Exciting =)